Flooring Installations
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Tile Flooring
Hardwood Flooring
Laminated Flooring
Vinyl, VCT & Epoxy Flooring
When installing a Vinyl, VCT or Epoxy floor the true beauty of the new floor is in the prep work to the sub floor. All sub floors installed by  Weimer Installations that are of a wood construction will be glued and screwed as a standard practice, flash patched and sanded smooth to provide the very best foundation to a new Vinyl or VCT floor installed on a wooden sub floor. Epoxy flooring is a two part epoxy that is used to generally cover concrete floors. Weimer Installations will first clean the concrete floor with a degreaser and then patch any defects in the floor as necessary to provide as smooth as surface as possible before spreading out the epoxy. The pre of a concrete floor will be the same if a Vinyl or VCT flooring is applied to a existing concrete floor.
Weimer Installations have been installing Laminate flooring since 1992 when laminate flooring was barely known of in the USA. One of the best features of a Laminate flooring is its ability to with stand abuse. There Is nothing that I Michael W. Weimer know of that stains it that can't be removed easily. Another advantage of Laminate flooring is its ability to lay over less then perfect floors, it is truly a floating floor. No under layment prep work is required in most case. Some Laminate flooring comes with padding applied to the flooring some Laminate flooring you need to put down a padding  on the floor prior to installing Laminate flooring. The padding provides sound deading qualities and cushion to the walk. Laminate flooring provides the look of high end materials with the cost of a more affordable material. If you have children or animals, a Laminate floor should definitely be considered.      
Weimer Installations will take the time to install your hardwood floors with the diligence and attention to detail that will make them a focal point of your home. The richness of a hardwood is a timeless beauty that will enhance the value of your home and will last the test of time. There many types solid woods most are hard woods some though are soft woods and must be installed with care so they do not get damaged in installation. Weimer Installations approaches each solid wood floor as a one of a kind work of art. Ever wood floor has its own character and I truly enjoy watching the floor materialize.  
Tile is a special material that requires a sub floor that does not move. Standard home construction consists of wooden sub floors material that will move or breath. Wood breathes because it expands and contracts with the ambient temperatures. If you install Tile on wood the grout or the Tile itself will tend to crack. Weimer Installations will always install the proper sub floor material required for each particular installation. Tile is always at the bare minimum a two day job, one day to set or lay the Tile the next day to grout. After the Tile is grouted you need to seal the Tile, grout takes at least (72 hours) to cure. After the grout has cured you can seal it, there are several types of sealers to choice from. Normally sealing the Tile is something that the customer does but  Weimer Installations will seal the tile if the customer requests it as apart of the job. In addition to floor Tile  Weimer Installations can also install Tile Shower Surrounds, Tile Counter Tops and Tile Back Splashes. If it can be Tiled  Weimer Installations can Tile it.

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