Cabinet Installations
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First things first, we sit down with our customers and find out what they want from us. Then we let them know that we are here for them to depend on to do the work that we are contracted to do. To trust in us to do our job is our first concern. We will then measure the area of the project, floor to ceiling. We confirm style and design of selected materials trim options and delivery times for materials. We coordinate with material suppliers to ensure a timely delivery. After we have all required materials accessible we then and only than perform any demo required to complete the project. After prepping the area we will install new materials as pre approved required design. Weimer Installations will take the time to make sure  You are satisfied with your installation. Happy customers are what our business is all about to us. We have enjoy the life long relationships we have with our customers and look forward to many more in the future. 

Weimer Installations